My Favorite Summer Hair Products

Summer in South Carolina is the worst for anyone who wants their hair to look good. The heat and humidity are inevitable, which means my hair ends up having a mind of its own. My straight hair turns frizzy and curly. However, now that I work at a salon, I now understand the importance of using products and the benefits they include.

Shampoo & Conditioners

When I wear my hair with its natural curls, I like to use DevaCurl. DevaCurl is sulfate, sulfur, and paraben-free, which means it won’t strip your natural oils and color. It is also made for all curl types; wavy, curly, and super curly. I typically like to use their products for wavy hair. For shampoo I like to use Loo Poo Delight, it has a citrus scent with a mild lather cleanse. Along with the Loo Poo Delight, I like to use the Loo Poo Original Conditioner to hydrate my hair (which is VERY important for your curls).

Buy Here: Loo Poo Delight Shampoo $24 and Loo Poo Original Conditioner $24

Most of the time, I blow dry my hair and straighten it. This means I have to use cleansers that keep my hair healthy due to the heat exposure on my hair. My go-to product is the Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioner by Oribe. It is a little on the pricey side, but a little goes a long way so that it will last you forever. The Gold Lust line protects your hair from damage, repairs, and restores your hair. It is excellent for any hair type (including colored hair), and it is sulfate, sulfur, and paraben-free.

Buy Here: Gold Lust Shampoo $17- $154 and Gold Lust Conditioner $18-$182

One of the best things about the summer is the perfect pool weather. However, too much chlorine for me can make my blonde hair have some green color. One of the best shampoos and conditioners I found to prevent this problem is The Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Shampoo & Conditioner. This line is meant to protect your hair from discoloration damage, and it lifts out green discoloration. It is also perfect for any hair type and anyone who enjoys swimming in the summer

Buy Here: Swimmers Wellness Kit $32


During the summer, my hair feels dry, so I usually use masks to hydrate my hair. One of my favorites is the Melt Into Moisture Conditioning Mask by DevaCurl. This mask contains green tea matcha butter and smells amazing. I usually apply it on my ends and leave it on for five to ten minutes and then wash it out.

Buy Here: Melt Into Moisture $32-$64

To style my curls, I like to use three products by DevaCurl; B’Leave-In, WaveMaker, and Mist-er Right. I use the B’Leave-In so my curls can have definition and shape. I typically use two quarter size pumps, and I apply it when my hair is soaking wet and scrunch it. Then, I use the WaveMaker for a light hold and to control frizz. I usually use two quarter size pumps and graze it across my hair. I then use a microfiber towel to scrunch my curls and let it air dry. When my curls need a second or third-day touch-up, I like to spray the Mist-er Right in my hair to redefine my curls.

Buy Here: Mister Right $20, B’Leave-In $20 and Wave Maker $26

When I like to blow out my hair, I use the Lazer Straight Fluid by Unite. This product is a lifesaver. It controls my curls and frizz and creates a smooth and shiny straight look. And even better it acts a heat protectant and smells like vanilla cupcakes. I apply it when my hair is damp at the end of my hair, brush it out, and blow out my hair

Buy Here: Lazer Straight $10.50-$27.50

One of the worst things about the summer is the humidity. It ruins all of my blowouts. But thanks to Oribe, the Impermeable has solved all of my problems. This product is amazing and perfect for any hair type. It acts as an anti-humidity shield and texturizer. I usually apply it right before I go out, and my hairstyle lasts forever without the humidity ruining it.

Buy Here: Impermeable $22-$42

The go-to summer hairstyle is beach waves, and it is my favorite summer hairstyle. When I’m not at the beach, and I can’t get the natural beach wave look I like to use Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. I like to spray this on damp or dry hair and scrunch it to add texture and beach waves.

Buy Here: Beach BabeTexturizing Sea Salt Spray $5.99