What to wear Black Friday shopping: Do’s and Don’ts


Black Friday is an exciting day for sales but a stressful and hectic day of shopping, it can be made less stressful if certain things were done like the way you dress.

  • Do make sure to check the weather- Make sure to always check the weather when Black Friday shopping because it can get chilly and it would be bad if you are wearing summer clothes.
  • Do think smartly about undergarments- If you are planning on trying on clothes, then it would be best to wear a nude bra because it would look best with different types of fabrics.
  • Do dress comfy- It is best to dress as comfortable as possible when Black Friday shopping because it can be a shopping trip that will take a long time. A suggestion is leggings they are easy to get on and off and are comfy for Black Friday
  • Do bring a large bag- A large bag is easiest to bring Black Friday shopping because it can hold tons more than the clutch but make sure it has handles. Some examples are totes or backpacks
  • Do consider Cyber Monday- If Black Friday is not an option or your thing consider Cyber Monday, it’s less stressful 🙂


  • Don’t wear heels- This is the most obvious thing not to wear during Black Friday shopping because they are not good for running through the mall and walking around the mall. The best shoes to wear are shoes without laces and things like flats or loafers.
  • Don’t wear shoes that have laces- Shoes with laces might be the best sounding thing to wear but surprisingly they are not. They can take up your time by having to tie them, and you can trip on them.
  • Don’t wear a dress- A dress might sound like something perfect for Black Friday shopping because it’s easy to get on and off but it really is not. Dresses can fly up and are not the right material if you have to run to get the last bag or for fighting over that last bag.
  • Don’t wear accessories- Accessories may be perfect for your outfit every day but not for Black Friday shopping, they can cause difficulties like getting stuck in your outfit, falling off or even being too fragile and breaking or getting lost.