Six Reasons To Love Fall Fashion

It’s PSL season, Sweater weather, and starting to feel cooler and you realize, It is now officially fall, even though the weather might not feel like it where you live, the excitement of fall and its fashion is still there. Here are six reasons to love fall fashion.



Suede– Suede makes fall fashion amazing because it is made for those perfect not-too-hot-and-not-too-cold weather days. Also the colors look amazing with the fall leaves.


Booties-  My favorite shoes to wear during Fall are booties. They’re cute and they go with anything. Also, they’re easy to dress up or down.


Sweaters- Sweater Weather takes place during fall., It’s the perfect time to pull out your sweater and get cozy with a nice book and a hot drink.  Not only are sweaters cozy but they are nice and easy to throw on.


Blanket Scarves- Blanket Scarves are another thing that makes you love fall. They are cute, stylish, portable and wearable blankets.



The Colors- Colors are the best part when it comes to the fall season. It’s the time you get to wear reds, yellows, browns, neutrals, and dark greens. Fall colors are the best because it’s the perfect time to show off my Gamecock pride coming from SC.


Chokers- With chokers recently making their comeback, it’s the perfect go-to accessory for fall. Plus it is a super easy DIY for when you want to be creative.
With the Fall season just happening it’s the perfect time to start pulling out your fall clothes and look at the ones that make fall ten times better. Fall fashion like chokers, blanket scarves, sweaters, and more are what make Fall one of the most fashionable seasons ever.