Fashion Struggles for a Short Person

Being 4’11 comes with many struggles in life especially in fashion. Even when these struggles are difficult, I usually find a solution. Here are some of the struggles I deal with.

  1. I can’t wear jumpsuits in the women’s section-  I can’t even wear a size XS in women, so I usually end up wearing kids sizing for Jumpsuits, and still they are too big so I just then wear heels with them.
  2. Maxi Skirts and Maxi Dresses are just a no- They just end up dragging on the floor and then you trip in them.
  3. Cropped Pants are the only pants that work- When I wear cropped pants, they fit perfectly at the ankle.The rest of the pants I own I either have to hem or roll up.
  4. Leggings bunch up at the ankles- whenever I wear leggings, I have to deal with them bunching up at the end. But in the Fall/Winter, I get to cover them with boots.
  5. Jeans are always cuffed- just like with leggings my jeans have the same problem, so I just roll them up.
  6. Long sleeves end up covering the  hand- When I wear long sleeves they cover up my whole hand or bunch up at my wrist.
  7. Heels are always worn in desperate times- I rarely wear long skirt and dresses but if I do the only shoe option is heels which can be good until you have to walk a huge distance.