My Interview With Amy Driggers, Founder And Designer Of Taxidermy

Taxidermy is a brand of Converse, bags, and jackets made up of python skin. I recently got to have the amazing opportunity to interview the founder and designer of it Amy Driggers.


  1. What inspired you? “I just got tired of the same bag that everyone had so I decided to make one big black bag. After that very slowly people started stopping me and asking about the bag.”
  2. Was it hard to start? “It was fun but yes, it was hard. It was hard to find the right people and factories to work with, but once I got going I got the hang of it.”
  3. When you first started did you ever want to give up? “It was challenging but I definitely had those moments, but I loved what I was doing.
  4. Do you have any advice for young designers? “Start small and slowly and make what you love. If you have a passion for something it will sell with you talking about it and being involved with it will make others want it.”
  5. How do you feel about the Kardashians and Beyonce wearing your stuff? “It is still so amazing to think about that I only have been around for about two years and to have people that famous wearing my stuff I almost fell out of my chair.”
  6. How do you feel about being here at CHFW? “Its exciting. I just moved here and I had a show here last night which was fun. There was many incredible and talented people.”
  7. With your husband having his own company do you think y’all will ever work together? “He has his own motorcycle apparel brand so I ask him for advice. But maybe sometime in the future we will work together we just have to find the right product.”
  8.    I know that you put snakeskin on Converse, where did you get that thought? ” I was thinking about it for a while and then I found the right person to do it and did it.” 

      here is the link to her website where you can shop her products shop taxidermy

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  1. Grace!!! You are AMAZING! Remember the crazy lady you met at the grocery store? I am praying for you!! I LOVE your work and I am learning SO MUCH from you! I AM SO PROUD of you following your dreams SO EARLY! I wish I was as smart as you! GO GIRL! Give your parents a pat on the back from Liberty too! God bless your whole family!


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