Spring Break Packing List


Spring Break is one of the best times of the school year. One way to make Spring Break better is if you have the perfect packing list for your destination

  1. A Sweatshirt/Jacket– I always bring a sweatshirt every time I go on a trip. Sometimes it’s best to bring one just in case it gets too cold. You  can buy a Patagonia like mine, here.
  2. Athletic Shorts- It’s important to bring athletic shorts because they dry fast and could be used if you might be doing energizing stuff. I also like to use athletic shorts as a cover up. You can get the athletic shorts like mine, here.
  3. Tennis Shoes/Walking Shoes- Its best to bring some comfy shoes that you can walk in (preferably tennis shoes) because you might end up taking a hike and walking a lot and you do not want your feet to hurt. You can buy a pair of shoes like mine, here.
  4. Swimsuits- One major Spring Break essential is always a swimsuit, even if you’re going to a place with cold weather. You might be able to find an indoor pool or heated pool. You can buy the bottoms here, and you can buy a top like mine here.
  5. Sunglasses- Sunglasses are so important to bring. They keep you safe from the sun and they look adorable. You can get the sunglasses like mine here.
  6. Tanning Oil/Sunscreen– Sunscreen is always important. Even though it might not be hot or sunny outside where you are, you always need to wear sunscreen. It helps prevent cancer and promotes beautiful skin. Tanning Oil is ok to use but check that it has a good SPF. You don’t want to come home after Spring Break with a sunburn. You can get the sunscreen I use here, and the tanning oil I use here.
  7. Small Purse- Have a small purse to bring so you can carry around your items instead of holding them. You can buy the purse like mine here.
  8. Hair Products- The best time to add product for beach waves and color in your hair is Spring Break. I like to use Not Your Mothers Beach Waves Spray which makes your hair beachy, and smell so good. For color product, I use Sun-in which makes my hair lighter and then I go back to school with a new shade. You  can buy Sun-in here, and you can buy  Not Your Mothers Beach Waves Spray here.
  9. Hat- The reason why it’s important to bring a hat is because it will protect your scalp from sunburn. Also, it keeps your face out of the sun while being fashionable. You can get the hat I have here.
  10. A Nice Dress- I always bring a nice dress to wear whenever I go on vacation, especially Spring Break. You never know when you might go out somewhere nice or find a cool location for a photo shoot. You can get a dress like mine at Copper Penny.
  11. Sandals/Flipflops– Sandals are so great for Spring Break vacation because they slip on and off so fast. Besides sandals being easy to put on and off they are also extremely cute. You can buy a pair of Jack Rogers like mine here.
  12. A Book– I never leave the house without a good book to read. You should always pack a book when you go on vacation because you never know when you might have the time to read. I recently just finished “Dancing Alone In Mexico” which is by Ron Butler (who is my grandpa) which you can buy here.
  13. Waterproof Mascara– Waterproof Mascara is a big beauty essential. When you get in the water, you will still have flawless eyes without mascara running everywhere. You can buy the waterproof mascara I like to use here.