Bad Trends Of 2015

As 2015 comes to an end its time to look back at some horrible trends that should end like 2015.

furry shoes– is where picture is from the problem with fury shoes is you look like an animal is on your shoes.

“naked” dresses –  

picture from weheart it naked dresses are cool, but not fashionable. They make you look like you are barley wearing anything.

off the shoulder tops–  

picture from weheart it off the shoulder tops make it impossible to move your arms without feeling like you have to pull up your sleeves all the time.

emoji clothing–  

picture from weheart itEmoji’s are better left on texts not clothes. 

 Overpriced athleisure–   

picture from weheart it the problem with overpriced athleisure is your spending thousands of dollars on some basic outfit, where you can get it for a better price. Like the example in the picture of Kanye West’s brand “yeezy” where a shirt starts at $1000.