A Step Into Chanel Oberlin’s Closet

Over the past 13 weeks every Tuesday I would watch “Scream Queens” on FOX. Besides loving the show, I fell in love with the fashion in it. But most of all I adored Chanel Oberlin’s fashion played by Emma Roberts. As I was watching the finale of the show, I thought about the fashion. I realized that each of the characters costumes showed their personality about the character. When the show came to an end, I then had an idea to do a blog post about Chanel’s best looks from the show, because her closet is goals.


This look is one of my favorite looks of Chanel’s it shows her personality perfectly because of the snake on the dress, symbolizing she can be evil or nice due to the pink in it.
 This look shows that even at bad times you (like funerals) can be fashionable. What I like about this piece is the texture the feathers add and the colors they have on them.

 This look is another one of my favorites. What makes it one of my favorites is the texture of the quilted fabric, but the pearls and gloves make it perfection.

I love this dress so much! It shows the classy sweet Chanel. I really like how the dress shape is, but I love the sleeves.

              Out of all of Chanel’s feather outfits this is my favorite. I love how the Belt pull makes it all work with the nude color.

This outfit is very festive. I love the texture of it, and the beading work on the skirt. I also like how all the colors blend well.

                 This outfit is one of my all time favorite outfits. I love the sophisticated look with the color scheme of black,white,and pink. The fur coat pulls all the colors together.