The four worst fashion/shopping mistakes I ever made

I wore a shirt backwards

I got a really cute shirt from Forever 21, this shirt had buttons on the back, and was long in the back and short on the front. I happened to wear this shirt on the first day of 7th grade and picture day. One day, I was getting dressed and realized the tag was where the buttons were (I happened to be wearing the button side in the front) and freaked out.  Even worse, on picture day I wore this with leggings and remember it was a long in the back and short in the front type of shirt. Now I never wear that shirt to school again.

Lesson learned – always check if you are wearing your clothes the right way. 
I forgot to take sticker tag off a shirt

I got this really cute crop top from Aeropostale and it was the first week of 8th grade. I got so many compliments on the shirt and it made me feel really good. In the last class of the day (ELA) I looked down because we were reading. I saw the sticker thing on me in my mind I was freaking out and wondered who all saw the sticker. So then I quickly tore it off and acted like it never happened.

Lesson learned – Always make sure all tags and stickers are off before putting on your clothes.

You know you are a serious shopper when…

I was back to school shopping at Nordstrom Rack and I found lots of clothes I liked. As I asked the sales lady if I could try them on I prepared for the question, “how many clothes do you have?” so I took them off my arm where they were resting so I could count how many items I had. I looked down and saw I had coat hanger marks all over my arms from the circulation being cut off. I quickly awkwardly put my arm around my back as if nothing ever  happened and walked away.

Lesson learned – Make sure to use cart or basket if needed.

Skirt terror

It was my 13th birthday and had this really cute skirt I just bought and decided to wear it for the first time. My family and I went out to lunch at a popular area and restaurant. I just walked out of the restaurant and was walking forward towards some shops.Just then my skirt flew up in the back and EVERYONE saw my underwear. Embarrassed I walked back to get my family and ran into the car.

Lesson learned – I always wear shorts under skirts.