Finding Your Body Shape and Dressing For It

There are many body shape types and ways you should style them. The way you style yourself based on your body shape can make you look and feel better, which is important in fashion. But one thing to remember is you are beautiful no matter your body type.



If you have a pear shaped body you usually curvy hips, thick thighs, small busts, narrow shoulders, and a defined waist. You would look best on a pear shaped body by wearing layers, wide sleeves, embellished tops, tops sliming over hips, and dark colored pants. Try avoiding details on hip or rear, bold earrings, and statement necklaces.

Triangle-If you have a triangle figure you usually have shoulders wider than the hip line, athletic body type, great legs, and no waist definition. Try creating curves around the bottom with ruffled hems and wide leg jeans. Also, try jeans, and full skirts for bottoms for tops low u and v neck shirts and large straps.



If you have a rectangle figure you usually have your hips and bust at the same size and no waist definition. With this figure, you would look best with you pair of pants, nipped tops, trumpet skirts, tops with ruffles and bows, and lots of accessories.



If you have an inverted body shape you usually have a flat bottom and hip, squared shoulders, and a larger top than the bottom. Try wearing straight line tops, line dresses, skirts, and boyfriend jeans



If you have an hourglass body shape you usually have a narrow waist, with your bust as the same size as your hips. Try wearing short jackets, wrap dresses, low neck tops and avoid volume on tops and solid colors.



If you have a round body shape you usually have a waist as the largest part of your body along with slim arms and legs. Try wearing 3/4 length sleeves, low and wide neck shirts, A-line skirts and dresses, and boot cut pants.



If you have a diamond body shape your figure is bigger in the torso area, and you have an undefined waist. For tops try wearing wide u or v necks, or peplum tops. For bottoms try wearing A-line skirts, and relaxed fitted bottoms that falls from hips. For dresses try wearing A-line dress.

I hope these tips help and remember no matter your body shape you are beautiful.



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