Fashion guide through seasons 

summer– summer being the hottest time of year is also the best in fashion. Summer is the time to pull out the bright colors,printed patterns, and woven bags. Also it time to wear shorts and crop tops and short sleeves. But most of all FLIP FLOPS! Who doesn’t love them they are perfect for anytime in the summer
Fall-fall is the perfect Time to start wearing your cute boots, while wearing boots is a great time to wear leg warmers with them. Along with boots in fall there’s the Jean and legging time which we all love and we can’t forget cute sweaters. Fall is a great time to wear dark Browns,reds,oranges,and dark colors. And don’t forget scarves.
Winter– winter is a perfect time to bring out the fury boots like uggs and cute coats. It’s also a perfect time for layers and turtle necks. But the most warmest is leggings. In winter it’s time to bring out the stripes and bluish colors and dark ones and have a fashion experiment.
Spring– spring is a time everyone loves it’s the perfect temperature and beauty all in nature. Spring is when you bring out the short sleeves,pastels, cute designs and cute necklaces.